Vintage Postcards – 4

The next card was sent by Adrienne Doublié on 31 December 1913 and is addressed “Cher cousin et cousines“.

The subject of the card is quite romantic, with a dashing (albeit slightly … fey) young man and his charming young woman presented with a bouquet of flowers, underneath a heart-shaped woodland scene.

The message written on the back (presumably by the same pen and ink that was spilt on the front!) is exactly as you’d expect:

Je vous envoie cette carte pour souhaiter la bonne année à toute la famille.

(I’m sending you this card to wish a happy new year to all the family.)

… but the last sentence made me smile. All the other cards simply extend good wishes to the recipient … but Adrienne has this to add:

J’espere que vous m’en souhaiter autant.

(I hope you all wish me as much.)


31 Dec 1913

31 Dec 1913



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