Of course, before there were grandparents there have to have been great-grandparents. And here they are, sometimes posted in pairs, sometimes posted singly. But all very much important in the admix that is me!

Everett & Nellie Payne: or, The Folly Of Believing Everything You Read On The Internet

I mentioned my paternal great-grandparents Everett & Nellie Payne way back in September 2013 in this post, but have never come back to talk about this family in more detail. But this post is less an exploration of them, and more a warning about the ever-present danger of trusting other people’s data – even when sourced – […]

Emily Alice Palmer

When does a member of the family become a ‘black sheep’? When they commit a serious crime? Adultery? Murder? A simple elopement? Somehow rebelling against the standards the family has set or the morals they live by? When does not behaving within the bounds of society turn into becoming a black sheep? Its a tough […]

Jacob Calvin Adams

The Adams’ were first introduced via my grandfather, Ellis Howard Adams. In tracing him I learnt (rather quickly) that his parents were Jacob Calvin Adams and Dolly Clara Faulkner, and Ellis was the ninth of the 10 children born to Jacob and Dolly. I was able to trace Jake back to the 1900 US census with […]

Joseph & Edith May Holborow

I’m slightly surprised that I haven’t written a post dedicated to my mother’s maternal grandparents here yet. Why am I surprised? Partly because my great-grandmother, Edith, was the oldest person I ever knew as a child. Or at least that I remember knowing. She also had the most amazing puff of white hair that I’d […]

Joshua Lock Murray, uh, Morey

It feel slightly strange to start a post knowing that it will be followed by an update post, but not knowing when that update post will come … however, I thought that I should round out my great-grandparent collection with my father’s maternal grandfather, Joshua Lock Murray aka Jesse Lock Morey, and see what additional […]

Everett Payne: The Final Years

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here, but over the last fortnight or so I’ve been shamelessly copying inspired by a friend to compile a ‘death tree’ to note any scary threads in my ancestors’ causes of death. Suffice to say that my mother’s side really need to be heart healthy – despite there […]