Before I get back to something that may approach situation normal around here, I thought that I would offer up something close to an explanation for my … 6 week absence.

The short answer is that my father passed away at the end of July. Not Covid-related. Ongoing blood condition related. It was complicated by him living in France, dying in the middle of a global pandemic and the middle of a house sale. Which is so very, very my father.

There are other … complications which won’t be fully dealt with for another few months (French inheritance laws being what they are …) and will require at least one if not two more trips to France.

So thank you, Barry.

Barry Murray


  1. My condolences. I had wondered what was going on in your corner of the world and hoped you were well. I am glad to hear that you, yourself, are ok, but am saddened that you are in the midst of any complications. You and your family are in my thoughts.

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    1. Thank you very much, that’s very kind. Complications caused only by the mixture of outdated inheritance laws in France and Covid! It’ll just take time for the legal people to chomp through, but in the mean time it’s my mum who is left in limbo! But it’ll be fine in the end.


  2. Sorry to hear your Dad has passed away Dominic. My sister Pamela passed away too on the 12th August and we are unable to have a funeral for her because of Covid limitations here in New Zealand. We did have a lovely family gathering in her garden though with her present in her casket. She would have loved that.


  3. Hi Dominic,
    i noticed you were going to get a certificate for someone from New Zealand NZBDM. It is better to get the “print out” version rather than a certificate. The printout has more information than the actual certificate, believe it or not.
    Joy Graham

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