Vintage Postcards – 3

What says “Happy New Year” better than a bunch of floppy roses and a toy caprid? Nothing, as far as I know – and neither did the maker or purchaser of this particular celebratory postcard.

Sent on le 30 decembre 1911, the card is addressed “Cher Frère  et Soeur“, and is from their sibling Marie Baranger.  She starts the card breathlessly …

Je m’empresse de vous écrire deux mots a l’occasion de nouvelle annee …

(I hasten to write two words to you on the occasion of new year … )

… but goes on to wish them both good health and happiness for the New Year. There is also mention of “petite Marcelle” who also passes on her best wishes to her godparents,  “son parrain et sa marraine“.

Perhaps it was little Marcelle who picked the card …

30 Dec 1911



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