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Vintage Postcards – 9: Happy New Year!

Now, the original plan was to post one of the cards every other day (on the odd days) up until New Year’s Eve itself with the final hurrah.

29 December 1921 - To sister, brother and niece from Gabrielle Doublie

29 December 1921 – To sister, brother and niece from Gabrielle Doublie

However, I forgot to queue up some posts and got a bit busy and … then there was Christmas and one thing and another … And here we are on New Year’s Eve Eve with the final instalment – running from 1919 to 1922.

In the spirit of Lousie’s family:

J’offrir mes meilleurs voeux de bonne et heureuse année pour l’an 2014!


Some jolly festive children …


A fine pair of French lovelies …


That is one sassy fur coat at Christmas …

Vintage Postcards – 8

Fast forward several months (okay, a year) and we reach December 1918, and this card sent to Louis by his wife, Amelie. As mentioned previously, Louis was a soldier and by this time World War One had only been over for little more than a month.

I suppose this is the most overtly romantic of the cards – or at least one that lets us peek into the relationship between these two.

Je souhaite de tout coeur que soit la dernière année que tu passe loing de nous … Nous sommes tous en parfaite sante et je desire que tu soit ainsi. 

(I sincerely hope that is the last year you pass away from us … We are all in perfect health and I desire that you be so also.)

29 Dec 1918

Vintage Postcards – 7

Fast-forward a year and we reach le 28 décembre 1918, and another winter scene.

This was sent from Joséphine Doublié to her godfather and contains the usual best wishes for the oncoming year.


28 Dec 1918

Vintage Postcards – 5

This little card is probably my favourite of the whole bunch, and is much more Christmas-card-like than the French New Year cards, with a wide-eyed ‘Red Riding Hood’ looking at a groupof three toys – perhaps one for her, one for her male companion and one for her puppy …

Uncle Pierre sent this to Charlie on 26 December 1917. At this time Pierre was in Genoa, Italy, and Charles Bory was living in Lausanne. I like to think that Charlie found this card as charming as I do as there are two pin holes at the top and bottom, indicating that it was pinned to a wall or board at some point of its life.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

Vintage Postcards – 2

The oldest postcard from the collection is dated le 31 décembre 1910,  and is addressed directly to “ma cher [sic] Amelie“.

The sender, identified as Angele, sends her best wishes but also those of her parents.


Votre amie, Angele

Votre amie, Angele



Vintage Postcards – 1

The first postcard I’m posting is undated, but the sender (Paul Aubry) wishes the (unnamed) recipient a happy New Year along with her “petite fille”.



There are a few of these ‘framed winter scene’ cards in the collection, but this is all very jolly and holly and other words ending in -olly.