52 Ancestors: Wedding

I have to say that this week’s theme has had me a bit stymied, hence why this 52 Ancestors post is so late. But I thought that I’d take a look through my family photos and pick out some wedding photos to share.

Turns out, I don’t have that many …

First up is the marriage of my paternal grandmother, Norah, to my father’s stepfather, Eddie Taplin in 1943. Also pictured here are Norah’s mother, Emily, and her stepfather, Charles Collins (born Camillo Ciotti).

Marriage of Norah Emily Murray to Edward William Taplin, 1 October 1949

This second picture, from 1913, I was sent – and I very much wish that it was ‘larger’! It is of Elsie Raines’ marriage to Charles Stevens (I am descended from one of Elsie’s cousins, Emily). I love it due to the sheer number of family members included.

Marriage of Elsie Kate Raines to Charles James Stevens, 24 March 1913

And my third – and final – photo is a lovely one. My mother with her stepfather, Eric, on her wedding to my dad in 1967.

Veronica Anne Adams with her stepfather Erich Otto Frysol, 1 April 1967

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