52 Ancestors: Resolutions

Hello there!

I believe that this is the last 52 Ancestors post of 2020 so before I talk about some of my genealogical resolutions for next year, I thought I’d take a look backwards at some stats and figures.

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This year 1,893 of you mother-crunchers dropped by, presumably some of you more than once, giving me 3,645 views. I’m sure for some of you that’s small fry, but it’s been my best blogging year for visitors since 2014 (1,496 visitors and 3,298 views). So to everyone who has stopped by, liked, commented or followed this year, thank you. I appreciate you wasting your time reading my thoughts about dead people! Hopefully you’ll be back next year, too!

Best months for stats were May (thanks to my Tombstone post being featured in the 52 Ancestors review email) and October (thanks to Australia going mad for my post about the two brothers). In terms of 52 Ancestors, I didn’t manage every week (for … reasons) but I didn’t do too shabbily considering I started so late in the year (ok, I started in February but didn’t hit my groove until April!) If you want to check them all out, you can here.

I’m not a huge one for resolutions, but were I to make some then they would look something like the below:

  • Take part in 2021’s 52 Ancestors – I enjoy it, it gives me something to guide me and I like reading other people’s responses.
  • Engage more on WordPress. I’ve tried to increase the number of blogs that I regularly engage with this year, as it’s very easy to just shout into the void and become a bit of an echo chamber, so I should discover more bloggers. In fairness, I should extend this to the genealogical community in general, not just here on WP!
  • Complete my Holborow in … series
  • Start my Holborow One Name Study officially. I’ve been talking about this for years and you know I love my Holborow posts!
  • Write and submit some articles to magazines

So maybe in the middle of the year we’ll have a check in and see how I’m doing, or maybe we’ll wait until next December, but in the meantime, maybe if you reading this could make one resolution on my behalf then it would be this: Be kind to yourself.

So to everyone, here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!

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