RootsTech 2023: Online

Following on from my previous post reporting on my personal highlights of being boots on the ground in Salt Lake City for RootsTech, here is a short taster of the classes that I’ve been able to catch up on using RootsTech On Demand …


RootsTech 2023: In Person

As I sit and write this, I am people-watching in the Salt Lake City airport, with three days of conference and 7 days of residency behind me (and a rerouted 14+ hour flight home ahead of me …). But apart from wishing I was on the plane to Honolulu at the next gate, I am also thinking about all the people I’ve met, all the things I’ve learned and all the experiences I’ve been exposed to. And, yes, all the food I’ve eaten …

So here it is: my review of RootsTech 2023 In Person!


RootsTech 2023: Free Pass Competition Winner

I am a day later than promised, but I have now selected a winner for my free pass to RootsTech this year (in what feels like mere days!).

And the winner is ……


RootsTech 2023: Free Pass Giveaway!

Hello all, and welcome to 2023. I think I can still squeak by with a Happy New Year. I’m not big on Resolutions (as I’m sure I’ve explained before), but I aim to get back into a rhythm with blogging here.

Of course, this is helped by the fact that I will be traveling to Utah in February to attend RootsTech in person. Lots to blog about, I’m sure. And it can’t all be about drinking in new bars and throwing axes.

If you are planning to be there too then you may be interested to hear that you can enter my giveaway to get a FREE 3-day pass to the fun. (Axe-throwing not included.)


RootsTech 2023 – Registration is Open!

RootsTech, the world’s largest family history gathering, is back March 2–4, 2023, with an in-person event in Salt Lake City, Utah, to complement its massive online conference. Millions of virtual and in-person attendees will gather for inspiring keynote addresses, instructive classes, innovative technologies, and the opportunity to connect to their family—past, present, and future. Registration is now open for the 2023 event. The online event is free. The 3-day, in-person experience is $98. Register now at


RootsTech2023: In-Person, Online

In case you missed it, this week FamilySearch announced that RootsTech 2023 will be making its glorious return to Salt Lake City, for the first time since 2020.

However, not only will the 3-day affair – the dates have been confirmed as 2-4 March – have in-person booths, talks and workshops galore at the Salt Lake Palace, but the digital content we have become used to over the last couple of years will also continue to be produced so even if you can’t make it, you won’t be missing out! Hybridise, baby!


RootsTech 2022 Playlist Pick

So after a year of waiting and counting down the days, RootsTech has come and gone in a flash. How did you find it? Did you find the session(s) you wanted? Did it answer your question(s) or help you break any brickwalls? Did it allow you to connect to your family in new ways … or did you find new family members to connect with?

Here is a brief list of my Top Five sessions …


And 2022 Is Off…!

We’re already one week into 2022. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?! Although I don’t think anyone was particularly sad to kiss goodbye to 2021. But here’s a few thoughts on the year ahead …