Now, I could use this page to talk about how I got into tracing my family history – but I’ve already kind of done that here. I could also talk about the Golden Rules of Genealogy – although if that’s five, seven or ten remains to be agreed upon, and ‘Be Honest’ should definitely be in that list. Or I could list my favourite sites for research – but those may not be your list of favourite research haunts. Which kind of makes you wonder what there is left to put on this page!


Instead, I thought I would list some of the family names and locations for each side of my family (maternal vs paternal).


  • Stanfield/Payne/Tisdale; Michigan/Indiana/Oklahoma/Kentucky/Virginia/Maryland, USA
  • Davis; Michigan/New York, USA
  • Murray/Morey; Dorset
  • Palmer; Wiltshire
Everett & Nellie Payne
Everett & Nellie Payne



  • Adams; Missouri, USA
  • Faulkner; Missouri/Kentucky, USA
  • Holborow; Gloucestershire/Wiltshire
  • Hurcombe; Gloucestershire
Eva Christa Ver  Conrad

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