RootsTech 2022 Playlist Pick

So after a year of waiting and counting down the days, RootsTech has come and gone in a flash. How did you find it? Did you find the session(s) you wanted? Did it answer your question(s) or help you break any brickwalls? Did it allow you to connect to your family in new ways … or did you find new family members to connect with?

Here is a brief list of my Top Five sessions …

  1. Latest DNA Painter Releases.
    I am a late bloomer when it comes to using DNA to not only increase the depth of my tree, but also in finding new avenues to research. One of the tools that I’ve come to rely on is DNA Painter, so it was great to see them show off their latest tools like What Are The Odds? and Shared cM Investigator. You can take a look at Jonny’s talk here.
  2. United States Research Series
    As the title suggests, this was not one session, but a series of sessions looking at US research, put together by the Family History Guide Association. Its a comprehensive guide and for people like me – who are 50% American but are researching remotely (from the other side, if you like!) – its a good primer for US documents from vital records to immigration, military and land records.
    Unites States Research
  3. The Nuts & Bolts of Acceditation
    Another series of sessions, this time produced by ICAPGen – International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists – as a three-part overview of how to gain ICAPGen accreditation. Super helpful if you’re thinking about becoming a professional genealogist.
    ICAPGen Accreditation
  4. Masters Degree in Genealogical Studies
    Yet more professional accreditation! This is offered as a distance-learning degree by the University of Strathclyde, this Master’s Degree course aims to set people up as a professional genealogist certification. UK (and Scotland) focussed, but with ample flexibility for students across the world.
    Master’s Degree
  5. Ancestral Hide and Seek
    Join Dr Sophie Kay from the Register of Qualified Genealogists as she gives an in-depth look at the 1921 census – the last one we’ll see for 30 years! Including a look at the householder returns and the social context around the census and also tips on how we can prepare and focus research strategies.
    1921 Census

Sessions from 2021 and 2022 are still available online and can be found at the RootsTech site.

In other news … RootsTech are launching a new series, entitled RootsTech365 where they will be sharing content all year round with a calendar of topics (sessions) throughout the year. More details as and when they are announced!

In more other news … RootsTech 2023 dates have been released: 01 March – 04 March 2023. No official word if this will be digital, in person, or some kind of hybrid, but it looks like the Salt Lake Palace Convention Center has been booked. Again, more details as they become available.

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