And 2022 Is Off…!

We’re already one week into 2022. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?! Although I don’t think anyone was particularly sad to kiss goodbye to 2021. But here’s a few thoughts on the year ahead …

But leaving 2021 behind us (please, god, yes) means that we have been treated to the release of the 1921 census of England and Wales (via FindMyPast). I won’t be commenting on the furor that the Pay Per View option has caused. I will, however, share my tweet:

‘Nuff said.

I have already tracked down four great-grandparents, one grandparent, six great-great-grandparents, and two great-great-great-grandparents as well as a few other wider family members. No mysteries solved, sadly. Not that I have a great many left to bust!

January also brings us a step closer to RootsTech 2022. Once again, this year will be a virtual event for obvious reasons …

… and for several reasons, I am truly hoping that 2023 will enable us to meet in person. I need my hit of SLC: It has been far too long. Now, yesterday the keen-as-mustard folks over at RT-central announced the first of the keynote speakers: Apollonia Poilâne, noted, respected, lauded and awarded French baker extraordinaire.

More keynote speakers will be announced in the coming weeks and months as we get closer to March

A reminder that RootsTech Connect is a free, virtual event that includes access to all speakers, classes, and additional resources. If you haven’t registered yet (and if not, why not?!  Did I mention that it is entirely FREE?) then please get yourselves over to the website and get it done: RootsTech 2022.

I failed to keep up with #52Ancestors in 2021. I think I managed two or three posts (ok, five), so it’s unrealistic of me to think I’ll do any better in 2022! One of the reasons this year that I don’t think I’ll be able to keep on top of things is that I am on the final year of my Masters in Creative Writing. It started back in November and runs until September. Which seems ages away and – since I am about to submit my 2nd assignment – getting closer at a rapid and alarming pace. So good luck to me. I have been on this distance learning journey since 2014 and I am exhausted.

Plus there is the everyday normal trauma of work and my ongoing and endearing fascination* with Excel

*said nobody, ever …

So here’s to 2022!

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